Anxiety Treatment with Positive Thoughts

Earlier we discussed the power of thought over emotion. The truth is, thoughts and beliefs play a major role not only in determining our feelings, but also in influencing behaviors and creating the conditions in our lives. Thought IS creative. Your present circumstances are most likely a clear reflection of that which your own thinking has been attracting to you for years. In its simplest form, our beliefs and expectations literally draw circumstances to us, inspire us to act in certain ways, and eventually materialize into our physical reality.

Knowing this, it's time to start applying the "positive thought" anxiety treatment. If you are choosing to take responsibility for creating the life you desire, then you should also take responsibility for the thoughts you are producing. Reversing the often lifelong habit of negative thinking can be difficult, but with a firm decision and persevering effort it can be done. And the rewards will be tremendous.

Start the process by engaging in thought modification sessions like these, or by using your own affirmations one or more times daily.
Also, whenever you notice your emotional energy level sinking, stop a moment and reflect on the thoughts you’ve been producing. Then consider how you can replace them with, still realistic, yet more positive ones.

This type of emotional awareness enables you to recognize when negativity is occurring, and to take conscious action to reverse the thinking that is causing it. Remember that there is a slight delay between thought reversal and feeling reversal. So be sure to keep your mind focused on positive possibilities long enough to let that shift occur so that you get the positive reinforcement of your new behavior.

Repeat the following thought phrases. If you are seated and in a safe environment, not driving or operating machinery, try to relax both your mind and body during this next set of affirmations. When your mind is calm, verbal suggestions are more readily absorbed by the subconscious. If you'd like to take a few moments to relax your mind and body, please do so now. When you're ready, repeat these "anxiety treatment" thoughts with your full mental strength.

• I know that thoughts and beliefs lead to choices, actions, and results.
• I understand that thoughts impact inner emotions and outer circumstances
• By focusing on positive possibilities, I diffuse the fear that feeds anxiety.
• I am now putting energy into imagining positive possibilities
• I am now using my mind to produce constructive, positive thoughts
• I choose thoughts that comfort and empower me.
• I focus on thoughts and visions that reflect my desires
• I think the highest thoughts in order to manifest the highest results
• The ability to think positively is like a muscle, growing stronger as I use it.
• I change negative expectations and interpretations into realistic, positive ones.
• I expect good things to happen, and know I can handle anything that happens.
• I monitor my thoughts and feelings to help reverse negative thinking.
• As soon as I detect anxiety, I identify the underlying thought and improve it.
• As soon as I notice negative thoughts, I consciously reverse them.
• When I notice a negative expectation, I tell myself the positive could also happen.
• As I overcome worry about the future, I live more fully in the present
• I am in control of my thoughts, and therefore in control of my life.